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By adrian (registered) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 09:09:17

Interesting little tool, although given its simplicity I have to wonder how much funding went into it. I feel like I could have whipped it up in a few hours. I'm curious about their data sources - there's definitely some gaps, for example, searching for "Arts, Crafts and Galleries" fails to turn up the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

The "Add or edit destination" link is just an email link, which again makes me wonder if it was originally intended as a way to actually let you add locations to the map, but got dropped due to time or budget constraints. If so, that's really unfortunate, as that's an absolutely key feature.

Ultimately I don't really see how this really brings anything to the table that is better than just using Google - in fact, I get better results with Google anyways:

The only thing I don't get with that Google search is the blue 2km proximity overlay.

I hate to be negative, but I have quite a lot of Google mapping and geocoding experience, and there are so many possibilities here that are unexplored.

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