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By jason (registered) | Posted February 13, 2009 at 13:24:23

looks great! I'm not a huge fan of the 3 eastbound lanes re-appearing east of McNab in order to maintain the current traffic's reminiscent of the pseudo two-way conversion they did on James South a few years back. All in all, this looks great though. The wide sidewalks will be tremendous. Reason for no trees on the south side as far as I understand is to keep the area clear for the multiple uses that can take place there - the sidewalks are wide enough to have stalls every weekend, even without closing the street...then of course, is the option for a full closure and it's various setups. Granted, trees don't take much room and probably could be incorporated, but there trees proposed at the market entrance and library entrance and tons of them proposed for the north side.
They might re-think this though, especially with tables and eating areas can get pretty darn hot sitting out in the sun in the summer.

I don't know the reason for no trees on the north side back by Bay St. Maybe they just didn't focus on that stretch.

IF this turns out as good as it looks on paper along with the market/library renos, it really will be a great example of reclaiming a drab, ugly urban environment and turning it into a vibrant people place. Kudos to all involved.

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