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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted February 12, 2009 at 08:43:04

Ryan: I thought I would comment to your statement that western civilization is becoming more civil, humane, tolerant and peaceful over time.

Well maybe on some levels it is but on others it is not. What about all the wars, the weapons of mass destruction, the miltary-industrial complex and growing militarization of the police forces.

There are lots of examples out there about the police, who are causing much hurt toward the people, it is much more prevalent in the US but it is coming here as well. I recently watched a video in which a young man who was skateboarding was accosted by a police oficer. In watching this video I was appalled by the actions of said officer. There was no just cause for this behavior but it seems that the powers that be, seem to find no wrong in this behavior. If we do not hold those accountable for their actions well then, it could turn into something that we really do not want to see and that is a totalitorian state.

I watched another video of a person who was riding their bike on the sidewalk in the middle of the night, the police drove up to her, she got off the sidewalk and the response from the officer was again very questionable for the so called minor infraction.

The police are supposed to provide a necessary function in our society but if we allow it to go unchecked well who knows, somehow it does not seem right that certain types of personalities should be in a position of power if they cannot exercise that right without a sense of balance between what is right and wrong.

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