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By Livin' Large (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2009 at 16:05:01

@Love Life

"Can you say biased?"

If we're talking about your comment then "yes we can!"

"Anytime you go out on the highway it becomes a calculated risk you choose to take."

But the risk is far higher -- to yourself and others -- in a truck.

"Because you prefer a small car you make the choice to put yourself at risk of being hit by a larger vehicle."

Small cars are still safer because they're better at handling -- low center of gravity = less flips, small turning radius = sharper turns, light weight = shorter braking distance -- and absorb more of the energy in an impact protecting the people inside.

"It comes down to the skill of the driver and not whats being driven."

For one car yes. For a fleet of cars on the road with a distribution of drivers in all of them it comes down to the car's handling.

"I cannot think of a practicle way to bring home sheets of plywood, piece of furniture or other large item in a civic or similar vehicle."

I've got a Yaris with a roof rack. I have no problem carrying those things home. If I can't fit it (like a full size couch which wouldn't fit on most truck anyway) I just have it delivered -- even paying the delivery charge it's still WAY cheaper than a truck.

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