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By BE (anonymous) | Posted February 10, 2009 at 10:26:34

The comparision between the renovation decisions that council makes and those that are made by the general public is striking. Is council mearly reflecting the uncaring, lazy, half assed renovation techniques of the public or is the public looking upon our civic structures with a shrug and cheaping out on their building materials as well?

Council decides to take down marble cladding from city hall and replace it with and inferior product.
Compare that with:
The 10's of thousands of houses with layers of peeling paint (no primer for us thanks! We're not a wealthy municipality.) over beutiful brick that simply needed a power washing. Quaint architectural features covered over by the cheapest ugliest vinyl siding money can buy. Original windows replaced with incorrectly sized windows (possibly bought on the cheap from someones friends, brother or cousin who happened to have some cheap windows). Or why replace windows at all, plywood is much cheaper.

A brief review of the history of Hamilton reveals a long storied history of poor construction quality, cheap building materials and general half-assed-ness. All of it ending up costing the City more money in the long run than they saved cheaping out in the first place.

Council had a chance to stop this viscious cycle with the renovation of City Hall. Once again. They Failed. And we get to pay for it again in another 20 years.

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