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By jason (registered) | Posted February 10, 2009 at 09:23:01

based on Bob Young's comments yesterday, it appears as thought downtown or the west harbour will be the stadium location. He said it needs good highway access and transit access. Hwy 403 runs just to the west of both downtown and the harbour location. Any transit, and future rapid transit, will be great in this area. The airport has no transit and even if it is put on the end of a future line, it is just that - one line. Also, highway access is very poor. The 403 is quite a distance from the airport. A one-lane miniature highway 6 runs from the 403 to the airport but would not be able to handle any significant volume, especially considering that the number of cars would be much higher going out to the airport as opposed to downtown due to the poor transit access and no access at all for cyclists or pedestrians.

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