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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 09, 2009 at 18:29:54

Councillor Bratina,

My comments were in response to your words, not your thoughts, which I cannot read unless you put them in writing. My comments regarding main street were in response to those of first things first, who seemed to suggest we have to tackle main street first, and implying that was your suggestion. I am not advocating something be done about main street, or "tilting at the main street windmill" as you suggest. Rather I was pointing out to first things first that main street remediation is not one of your plans. A statement that you have verified.

As for your grandoise plan to move city hall services, it would have been nice if you had contained this in your original reply. Had your original letter included half the information which your discourteous follow-up contained I believe all readers of this board would have been better served. Not all of us are psychic like Jon C.

I continue to find your defence of your suggestion to sell City Hall counter-productive in the face of the settled intention of council to proceed with rennovations. By refusing to acknowledge the settled intentions of counsel all you manage to do is marginalize yourself and your suggestions in their eyes. That's how they will see you too, standing on your soapbox. I acknowledge that council is not progressive, and you face an uphill battle. Unfortunately in such a situation you might be better off securing small victories and concessions where you can, and hope future councils will be more progressive.

As for your tact when dealing with your detractors, I'm sure that doesn't help you win any votes on council either.

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