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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted February 08, 2009 at 22:47:01

A Smith: Are talking about building apartment or condo units? Did not the property taxes rise because of the downloading from the province, plus the fact that they did away with the business tax and put the onus on the property owners to collect these fees? Was it not the agenda of the common sense revolution, that it was them "poor people" that were causing the rise in taxes, yet the poor people have been getting less and less but the taxes kept going up.

Do you have any insight into the breakdown of the 23.8 percentage social services costs? I ask this because the people who are on social assistance do not receive liveable amounts. There are reports of people who have lined up work but then they need a pair of workboots but social services will not give them the money to buy even a pair of slightly used boots, as a single person, they have received their measly $540.00 for the month, trying to maintain shelter,food and transportatition costs to find employment. No workboots, no job. This happens often, more then you think.

I heard an interesting story about government waste yesterday, it did not happen in Hamilton. I guess it goes to the term "budget". Let me put this query in front of you: you have a budget, then jobs cuts come and now one person is doing the job of four but the budget is set for four people. It would make sense that the budget would be lowered to reflect the change right? Anyways the story would make your hair curl, knowing your dislike for the bureaucracy.

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