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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 05, 2009 at 10:14:28

At this point potential buyers might wait for the city to gut the heritage elements for them, and then buy it, demolish the whole thing as having no heritage value, and turn it into surface parking so they can squat on it until the LRT is built, then resell it at a profit.

First things first, as for Bratina, I think you're giving him too much credit if you think his "forlorn highway" comment means "we should fix up Main Street first." He's advocating selling city hall, NOT making Main Street 2 ways so we can do proper renovations which the people can enjoy. He wants to cut and run to a part of the city that isn't highway! I guess it hasn't occurred to him that there are numerous businesses on main street, and if they were all to just "cut and run" as he is proposing the city should do, then Main street really would be nothing but a highway.

We didn't ask Bratina for crazy schemes that council will never agree to. We asked him, and the other councillors to use their heads when it comes to what they spend their money on. Obviously he used the invitation as a chance to stand up on his soapbox and deliver his own speech. Quite rude really.

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