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By GrahamM (registered) | Posted February 04, 2009 at 15:24:22

@ FTF - I agree - I just don't think the arguement should be based on, "Well its in a crappy area, so don't bother spending money."

I think that the area is only going to get better if we tackle projects. Bratina seems to dismiss City Hall because of its location and the fact that no one is there now. Personally, I think that the buildings in that specific stretch are very rich in character and that the open plaza in front of City Hall holds a lot of promise for the city.

For comparisons, Nathan Phillip's Square is, in my mind, too big to be occupied by effectively by the public. However, the plaza in front of the ROM, which was specifically designed to as a public plaza, creates, in my opinion, the kind of out door public space that activates a city street.

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