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By GrahamM (registered) | Posted February 04, 2009 at 14:05:14

I don't personally know Councillor Bratina, but his comments regarding the glass enclosure seem awfully short sighted.

In the Spec article he says,

"...the city is kidding itself if it believes the indoor space will make City Hall more of a gathering place. "I don't see the value in spending that money," he said, adding City Hall has never been welcoming. "It's just a forlorn place beside a highway.""

While I don't see the advantage of the glass enclosure, I think its extremely unfortunate that the current character of Main Street would be used as an excuse to not try to improve that or any area of Hamilton.

Instead of accepting current conditions as a given, Councillor Bratina, the rest of council and the citizens of Hamilton should imagine and dream of how things could be. That's the only way we'll build the city of our dreams.

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