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By Detroit Conservative (anonymous) | Posted February 04, 2009 at 08:42:35

The real truth about what happened.
I lived there since I was two years old.
I am pushing 60 now.
There is always a social-economic pattern to the changing demographics of large cities in America.
But the biggest reason is a compilation of things happening at the same time. Thank you dimorats.
Crime. Corrupt Mayoral administration in Coleman Young. Welfare given out to people like M&M's. Entitlement programs. N O pride of ownership. No shame. No men in the house raising the children. Drugs and sex prevelent. No One Watching the Children except the television.
Woman's lib, making females think that they need to go out and work instead of raising their families. Divorce too easy to get. Men not committing. Glory given to evil people and the kids emulating it.
The media promoting evil.
Crime. Drugs. Not obeying made or God's. Democrats enabling evil to take over in the name of "victims'. It is real easy to figure out. But not easy to admit.

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