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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted February 03, 2009 at 21:27:58

I cannot believe the idiocy of this city council. It is simply amazing that the city has found the funds, for a glass lobby, yet denied those grandparents of ROCK, the temporary care assistance funding they so desparately needed to help in raising their grandkids. Not only did the city deny them, the city also found the money to hire the lawyers.

Not only that, we have a dire situation with people sruggling just to make ends meets, they are denied access to the foodbanks, those who are the working poor, who cannot prove they need help with food are denied as they do not have the government papers to acknowledge they are poor.

People are losing their jobs, which will cause more people to struggle, yet our council has money for "How to get along" seminars and a vision statement, which excludes a fair percentage of the population of this city. It is time for the people to get angry and rise to the occasion. We need new leaders, those who are not attached to any money, those that actually care about their fellow citizens, those that will stand up for all and not just those who have the dollars.

What a bunch of hogwash.

Maybe what we need is for the people to rise like in the stelco strike of 1946, maybe we need a leader like Sam Lawrence, who understood the plight of the people and not just those, the money men.

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