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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted January 08, 2007 at 09:02:47


Yes, I should have been more judicious in the way I quoted. Apologies. And I admit that waking up to this, in the face of having spent hours of this past weekend discussing with Anthony quite passionately so many issues about Hamilton, may have resulted in me going off half-cocked. (Or, to continue this theme, 'loaded for bear'.)

I was simply latching onto your first observation that nothing substantive is achieved by having more 'landmarks' built. A Steel Museum only works as a final touch. anything reverential only makes sense when the city has been built. (That's not thecase in Hamilton.) That's all I was getting at here. I agree with you entirely about the downtown. We're on the same page. There a scads of questions to be raised and points to be offered, but I won't clutter up this thread, I'll save them for the previously-mentioned get-together.

Again, I'm sorry for not being clear. Evidently, more caffeine is indicated.



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