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By David (anonymous) | Posted January 12, 2009 at 13:50:28

I think violence generally has diminished only because of past decades of relative prosperity, and in general people have too much to lose and were too busy trying to keep it. But witness the millions of illegals marching through US streets last year - they have nothing to lose and something to gain. And witness that the calamity of the Katrina hurricane caused even the cops to become looters.

Once a critical number of people no longer have anything left to lose in a crumbling economy, especially after seeing the Wall St elite being handed hundreds of billions of the grandchildren's debt, things could change drastically. People have been living too high on the hog to accept entry into a Third World lifestyle with a smile.

Ya gotta wonder if that is why Obama wants 20,000 Pentagon Troops on the street corners, which will only make people morph into a prison camp mentality and fight against it. People are peaceful in peaceful environments, and the sight of "peacekeepers" causes the opposite effect.

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