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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted January 11, 2009 at 11:28:55

Robert D: I am concerned about the people who would eventually work there and they should earn a living wage, have access to benefits, why not pensions. What is the problem with that? What if the city was to adopt a policy of a living wage, because this is something that has been brought up at city council, other communities in the US have adopted a living wage policy and things have been successful. Is it not better to have people earning a living wage, thus not having to access social services such as foodbanks, which your tax dollars pay for to support. Is not the idea to have people who are self sustainable? Would not these normally low wage earners spend the money back into the local economy?

As far a public forum, well maybe, maybe not, but considering some the comments made by others, it might be a good idea. And as far as your comment about other developers, well maybe the city is at fault at that, as it fails to enforce building standards, maybe it is the hidden structure of the city, you know who knows who and so on. Do you have better input into this??

Well maybe I am wrong but I had always thought that the city government was to be working for the people not the people working for them. In a fair and open society all the voices have equal input.

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