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By Rebel Alliance (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 10:15:54


What a load of crap editorial, they're just channeling Harper's Rovian spin e.g. "the separatists".

"ah, "elections" -- who else remembers that quaint method we once used to pick prime ministers?"

That quaint method is NOT, NOT, NOT what we use to pick the prime minister, it's what we use to pick the house of commons. There's no way the editors of the a major national newspaper are ignorant of how our parliament works, so I can only assume they're lying deliberately.

"Now, he will be remembered as the man who gave the Bloc Quebecois their greatest triumph"

How is this different than when Harper had to lean on Bloc support to get his legislation passed during his own minority government.

Or back further to when his party (the Alliance), the PCs and the Bloc negotiated a secret coalition to take over in case Chretien won a minority in 2000.

Remember that?

It isn't different at all. The Post editors are just being a bunch of hypocrites.

The bloc are a major party representing 49 votes in the house of commons and representing the legitimate democratic will of the people of quebec. Any minority government needs their support, that's how parliamentary democracy works.

Do you think the bloc shouldn't have a say in whether legislation gets passed or whether the government has the confidence of the house? How democatic is that?

The rest of the editorial is just partisan blah blah blah about Liberal/NDP intentions and whether economic stimulus is a good idea.

They're welcome to their right wing boilerplate opinions, but they're not "interesting" to this discussion about whether the coalition has a legitimate right to try and form the government.

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