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By David (anonymous) | Posted December 25, 2006 at 15:16:22

The wheel was (is?) technology, and certainly better than dragging your stuff. But it is agreeable that much of the technology today are inventions which tear at the social fabric - perhaps a sidebar to this story. Someone walking with an iPod stuck in their ear means they aren't socializing - they are off in their own world. Computers and web shopping have done the same thing. But technology also tends to mean "stuff" - more stuff to buy and more stuff to own. Perhaps it is just me, but I get a strange biological warm-and-fuzzy feedback as I turn away from the dumpster where something previously coveted has been tossed-out - things tend to own you, not the other way around. I believe that bio-feedback is the body rejoicing at the act of being free of stuff. The question really gets back to what is important in life. The technologies necessary for life were invented long ago - farming, etc. I don't believe today's technologies make life better - just different - and accumulating more things and debts to go with them can't be good.

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