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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 00:11:38

I wonder if KFC is not part of the problem itself when it pays low wages, no benefits, to its workers who may have children , who then have to go to the foodbanks where most of the food is high in sugar and starch, food, that fills the belly but has no nutritional value.

But then what can we really expect for those who are the elite, who do not walk in shoes of those that struggle.

Maybe the answer is to starting knocking down the wages and benefits of the so called "medical" geniuses, who fail to actually speak out against the very system that puts people into dire straits.

We did not hear much outcry from the medical communty when the provincial government slashed services that were paid by OHIP, for those that struggle who now cannot afford such medical tests and so on. We do not hear the outcry from the medical people on the issues of poverty and the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables that people cannot afford to buy.

To be honest many of those the bureaucrats and ceo types within the medical community need to live on the streets or be homeless for a year or so, so then they really get the picture of their evil greed and decadent lives.

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