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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted December 03, 2008 at 13:31:56

Couple of points...

  1. The Star is reporting that Harper is set to address the nation on television tonight. I'm assuming this would be a press conference...? (Canada doesn't do Oval Office type infomercials does it?)

  2. Interesting Constitution overview in today's Star:

The author ends it with, "I am greatly concerned that there is so little public knowledge of the constitutional rules that govern our parliamentary system of government." A quick look at some of the Star's letters to the Ed today certainly bear out that concern...

  1. Frank, I have to second Earnest's rejoinder. I don't mind a rant but seriously, did you even read Ryan's post? "they cried foul, cast accusations and began working together to wrest "power" from the party that clearly received a mandate to govern" Re-read the blog - the Conservatives didn't receive a mandate to govern. And as for, "Calling or assuming that someone's less intelligent for not supporting your viewpoint demonstrates a certain level of intellect." Perhaps you can be specific. The whole idea of this discussion is that we're all trying to become more intelligent about this.

  2. Finally, about the Bloc, I read an article a while back that suggested that all provinces should form a local federal party that could represent their interests at the federal level. Canada is just a 'coalition' of regions after all. As has been noted in other comments, the Bloc are not going to force any seperatist motions so they just become a regional party. That's great for Quebec and perhaps it's something that other regions should think about getting in on.


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