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By Earnest (anonymous) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 12:55:23

Frank, the other parties have lost confidence in Harper's ability to govern. The fact that he would try this stuff at all when he just promised more cooperation tells you all you need to know about his agenda. Also he never said he wouldn't do those things, only that he wouldn't do them YET so it's still on the table - even though he didn't campaign on any of these things during the election you're being so precious about.

It's kind of embarrassing that you keep flogging this dead horse. Harper cut himself off at the knees by trying to run a minority like he had a majority, and Parliament is now trying to do it's constitutional duty by relieving him of power and offering a more stable majority of MPs to support a new Prime Minister.

Finally re your fear of the BQ, they have NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to break up the country. None. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Only the provincial government has that power and the PQ are widely dispised in Quebec with no power in the Assembly. The BQ are a social democratic regional party representing the citizens of Quebec the way those citizens want to be represented in the Commons.

Why don't you think Quebecers should be allowed to have the representation in parliament they voted for? Why don't you think the government should reflect the values of Canadian citizens living in Quebec? Are the Quebecers who voted for the BQ but AGAINST the PQ less Canadian than you or I?

I think not. Anyway they're not even in the coalition, they've only agreed to support it for 18 months.

Free advice -- Harper backed himself in to a corner by being stubborn and refusing to change his mind or his ways. Your comments are usually smart and thought provoking but right now you're acting a bit Harper-like on this thread, don't make his same mistake he did and lose your credibility. :))

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