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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 12:40:50

Rusty, the mini budget no longer includes cuts to party funding yet that's now still an issue? And if it weren't a power grab why have no other solutions been addressed before this power grab? Did I hear any other proposal? Nope, as soon as the Liberals and NDP found out that their pocket book might be hit, they cried foul, cast accusations and began working together to wrest "power" from the party that clearly received a mandate to govern at least, for lack of a better term, conservatively over it's next term.

Blind eyes aren't solutions either. Calling or assuming that someone's less intelligent for not supporting your viewpoint demonstrates a certain level of intellect. I for one will never ever ever ever (ever ever ever) support ANY coalition government that includes the Bloc and neither should anyone who has an interest in seeing a country stay together. Definitely time to get your heads out of your asses.

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