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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 12:33:34

Nope, Sean but those who support a coalition backed by a separatist party have to have their heads checked. When Duceppe stands up and says that this agreement is good for Quebec and as such a sovereign Quebec, if that doesn't make your head spin, then you do have major issues.

Also, three parties have agreed to work together provided the 4th follows suit. One could construe this as bullying as well. I suppose the cheaper more effective ways of dealing with criminals is years of social programs and attempted rehabilitation at the tax payers' expense? And I like how you seem to include NDP as centre left when their policies in actual fact are far left. However, given your assumption that they, they didn't win a majority which is why they need the bloc. And that really pisses me off! Your bottom line is more like a dotted line. The three opposition parties have agreed to work together (despite all election time suggestions to the opposite) in order to form a coalition that overthrows a party who by definition can't agree with everything the opposition asks. That's not working together, that's collusion. The problem doesn't exist with the coalition government. The problem exists in that one of it's supporting parties should most certainly not be a federal party, a party which Canadians have again and again shown they don't want in power, and finaly a party that has caused so many Canadians to become disengaged from the political process that voter turnout was the lowest it's ever been in the election. So no, if they'd banded together, they wouldn't have generated a majority government. They'd have received exactly the same votes as they got. Canadians just finished handing the Liberal party the thumping it needed to restructure itself and instead of taking the opportunity to do so, it's crying foul and trying to show it's got the balls that it doesn't have.

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