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By UrbanRenaissance (registered) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 11:18:20

I'm just furious that while they are all playing political games average people are losing their jobs, or working longer and harder to keep the ones they have while seeing their savings shrink. Six months ago my better half and I were planning on buying a house in 2009, now we aren't so sure. In the last election more people chose not to vote then vote for any one party. That exemplifies the apathy most Canadians felt towards our political process. While I am glad to see the opposition finally stand up to Harper's bullying tactics, I fear this will only further the divide between left and right and lead to more ideological bickering rather then getting anything useful done. I hate to compare us to the Americans (especially since now more than ever we are seeing how different our political systems are), but we are now where the Americans were a couple years ago. The left and right bitterly divided through vitriolic partisan politics, the economy tanking and regular people feeling powerless to do anything about it. Now they have a man in charge who goes out of his way to bring former enemies onto his team, who's pledging to work together with all sides to accomplish was needs to be done to save his country, and who reinvigorated politics for a generation of young people. Why can't we get Canadian politicians to act like this? Why is it that while Barrack Obama now has Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State and the American Congress has the CEOs of the "Big" Three car markers saying they'll take a $1 a year salary, our politicians are taking pages from the Rove/Nixon play book or making the Canadian government look less stable than Zimbabwe's? These MPs need to pull their heads out of their asses and do the job we're paying them to do. If they keep acting like this whoever wins will find himself Captain of a sinking ship.

But that's just my .02

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