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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 10:27:17

While that may be true. It took 13 years of Liberal rule to get the mess we have. Minority governments force people to work together. When one leader decides to push buttons instead of working together, they get what they get. However, the solution in this case is an immediate power grab without weighing any other options. Has anyone asked me if I want an election? Nope. How about you, has anyone asked you? Of course not. The Liberal's only recourse at this point is a power grab because of their own self mutilation in the last election. At no point have a heard counter arguments from the Liberals either like TMC13 posted.

Politics in Canada has turned into power at all costs and if you're not in power, you don't try to be part of the solution. Have the Liberals taken the high road? or the NDP for that matter? Nope. Liberals are never happy unless they're in power and they'll do anything, including colluding with a separatist party to get what they want.

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