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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 10:04:06

Can and will not? They did... in the face of opposition none the less, but they did compromise. Several times in fact. The reason there's been a go no-where minority parliament is because no party can seem to put the good of Canadians above their own desire for sitting in the pilot's seat. Since when did cracking down on criminals especially those preying on Canadian youth actually need a thought? Well it met some pretty stiff "constitutional" uproar.

Canadian political parties are like a pack of yapping dogs. Everyone wants attention. Everyone wants to be heard better than the other and if it means biting or forgive the term, bitching, it gets done.

I don't believe for a second that the reason the Liberals and NDP are doing this is because of the economic crisis that their doom and gloom media spin has generated...despite statistics. The Conservative budget in the new year is set to release a stimulus package (most likely a much better thought out plan than anything Dion can come up with). It's something muuuuch deeper than that. A Liberal is never satisfied unless he's in power, and that's at stake especially in today's Liberal party. If somehow Stephane can pull out mediocre leadership skills while being propped up by people like Layton and Duceppe, perhaps maybe possibly there's a future for his party in the next election - that is what I believe is at stake. If Canadians can forget that some settlement or concession must've taken place with the PQ, that is.

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