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By infamous (anonymous) | Posted December 03, 2008 at 01:05:53

I thought this article was a great read, Ted. I typed trucks suck into google after my Maserati was nearly run off the road by two different pick-up truck drivers within the span of the same minute. As a defensive driver, I assume every other driver on the road will make the wrong decision, to keep me safe and on my toes. Actually being able to see both of those pick-up truck drivers' smiling and laughing faces as we passed each other, after they risked our lives and nearly wrecked my vintage sports car, really irked me, though.

This type of aggressive behavior seems more prevalent among pick-up drivers in my experience. Many use the overwhelming size of their vehicle to intimidate other drivers and clear their own path thru traffic. The fact that the F-150 is the best selling car in America is more proof to the point that the majority of pick-up drivers base their purchase on style and emotion, since it's hard to believe that the majority of Americans actually need to haul stuff in their daily, weekly, or even monthly lives.

I've gotta go, but I have to say it seems like most truck supporters responding to this article decided to go on a tirade halfway through reading it (if they even got that far) because they consistently assume the writer has little experience off-road, despite the fact that Ted states he has considerable off-road experience. I suppose it should come as no surprise, however, that they suffer from premature aggravation. Among other things. ;)

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