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By Pusher Man (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 22:24:05

@TMC13 -- The situation changed. Harper went from being a bully PM to being politically homicidal. This coalition is mainly (maybe not mostly) about Harper wanting to cut public funding of parties, the last straw for the opposition who otherwise might have 'closed there eyes and think of the queen'. I say about damn' time the other parties stand up to him. They're more of the country than the Tories.

@jason -- They said they won't do it RIGHT AWAY but they still plan to do it eventually. The fact that Harper would do this crap at all when he just promised he would put partisanship aside proves he can't be trusted. He's also failed on economic front every other industrialized country has a stimulus plan but Harper just wants to do cuts.

Jason who do you think is better for cities, Harper or a Lib-ndp coalition? How fast do you think you'll get your light-rail system if you have to wait for Harper to pay for it???

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