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By TMC13 (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 16:45:46

"During the election the opposition leaders promised they would not entertain the idea of a coalition, with the Liberal leader expressly rejecting such a move as being bad for the economy."

So you are Mr Dion et al and you go to the GG and say "Yes we blatantly lied during the election but you should let us govern because we have the confidence of the house". Hmmmm. The GG could very well say "no we'll just have another election".

While technically the opposition could do this it is as stupid a move as Harper's ramming his agenda down their throats.

Why not try this on for size:

We will support the Conservatives if they promise these issues are put into the first session and put to an open vote:

1) Label all genetically modified foods for what they are.
2) Prevent all MPs from getting their MP pension until they are 65 and eliminate double/triple dipping.
3) All troops out of Afghanistan in Feb 2009.
4) No "stealth" implementation of the North American Union. All items must be voted on.
5) Ban all Canadian soldiers from serving in areas where depleted uranium has been used.
6) A resource efficiency program to stimulate the economy in these down times.
7) Fair and balanced copyright reform not something dictated to them by the RIAA.

How about some real leadership on real issues?

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