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By square three (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 16:35:25

From "jason" -> "Layton was big on suggesting all sorts of meetings and conferences during the campaign. I hope he'll show the same teamwork now with a crisis on our hands and suggest a meeting of all parties for the purpose of coming to an agreement. "

Um, why do you think there is a coalition of the three opposition parties that's ready to take over the government with the confidence of the house? It's because Jack Layton organized meetings of the parties, showed teamwork and came to agreement on a course for Canada that the three parties can vote for. There's only one reason for why the Cons are not in this coalition and it's because the Cons do. not. share. power.

Just a couple of weeks ago Harper promised that he was going to show teamwork and all that stuff and instead he took the first opportunity to put the screws to the otehr parties when Canada needs it's government to work as a team. So instead of going quietly into that good night the other parties got together and stood up to him. Guess what they've got more seats than him, they win. That's democracy.

The coalition is doing EXACTLY what you're saying they should be doing but you still accuse them of being "power hungry" make up you're mind. This coalition is the opposite of "political ideology" that is 3 out of 4 parties all coming together to do something about the economy while the other 1 party does nothing.

Also to "Andrew O" -> nice to see you participating in your adopted country even if you're not a citizen (yet!) that's great to see. 1 way I see the BQ not having so much power is that if they try to dismember canada by forcing the coalition to do something the other parties can't accept it will just throw into another election and they'll go back to not having any influence again.

Same with the NDP that's why they're going along with Paul Martin as the economic advisor if they get stubborn now they'll lose there only shot at having a piece of the government.

It's like the old saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer the 3 parties in the coalition won't let each other do any thing radical that's how moderate coalitions work in european countries where they're alot more common than in Canada.

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