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By Andrew O (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 16:22:32

I'm not a Canadian citizen (yet!), but I have been enjoying the hospitality of this country since 1989. The explanation above was very clear and illuminating. THANKS!

What I don't understand is how in this particular case the Governor General could entrust the government to a national coаlition, which includes a party, whose very purpose of existence is the dismembership of Canada and whose interest is solely the Province of Quebec.

Knowing that "agreements" in politics come and go and are about as stable as lukewarm Jello, wouldn't such a coalition effectively find itself in a permanent state of blackmail by the separatists? With this in mind, I just can't see how a Governor General could give the proposed "national" coalition a governing mandate.

I would also note the following: had the Liberals and NDP openly proposed to form a coalition with the Bloc in the recent election, they would have indeed been wiped off the electoral map!

It would seem that someone has put a Chinese curse on us... we certainly are living in interesting times!

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