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By Wig Standard (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 12:41:09

Frank >> My point is this, as an informed voter, I put the 'x' on my ballot in front of the name of the individual I felt represented my interests in the most appropriate manner <<

EXACTLY. You didn't vote for a party or a prime minister. You voted for an MP. Whatever MP your riding sent to Ottawa is still the same person, infact all the people last month's election sent to Ottawa are still in ottawa and their votes all still count for the same amount. The election was to pick what people went to ottawa to be in the Commons and your electoral wishes are still respected if this coalition goes ahead. The difference is that the other three parties agreed to get together and form the governmnt. They have more votes AND more seats than the Conservatives, it just makes sense that they should be the government and pass laws they can all agree on (what the Conservatives would be doing if THEY stay in charge), I'm just surprised (and disappointed) they didn't do it sooner, they could've saved a lot of bother.

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