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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 02, 2008 at 12:08:47

How can a prideful Liberal leader named Stephane Dion be held responsible for the catastrophe that the Liberal campaign was and yet somehow have the "confidence of teh House" while the Canadian public gave the Liberal party the thumping it deserved this past election? How can ANY federal party cooperated with a separatist party and still talk about the best for Canada? (as an aside, what business does a separatist party have running in a federal election).

My point is this, as an informed voter, I put the 'x' on my ballot in front of the name of the individual I felt represented my interests in the most appropriate manner. I didn't vote for two parties. Saying that Canadians want a left of centre government is probably correct, however, problems arise in the deal making of coalition governments. How much money or what has the Bloc received as a consequence of this deal? What kind of legislation will now be tabled and in essence strong armed through parliament (something not possible in a minority government, bully or not) whether or not it's something Canadians want? What kind of insane bill are we now going to have to foot for Stephane and Jack's power hungry struggle? If Canadians wanted a left of centre government, then they would've voted for whichever left of centre party they wanted in. In this case they didn' no, a coalition government with the ability to strong arm policy and enact laws which could very well be in direct opposition to what Canadians actually want because of a coalition agreement between parties is not what Canadians want.

Don't give me that bunk.

P.S.- not one person I've talked to about it actually thinks it's a good idea. I think I'd rather have an election, no matter what it costs.

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