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By Rober_D (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2008 at 23:15:57

A Smith, you're dreaming of things that can't be done in the current system. We have to work with provincial legislation that requires intensification and use of brownfields, not greenfield lands. Housing in the suburbs does not meet any of the needs of the working poor as it makes transit difficult if not impossible (especially on narrow roads with traffic circles and cul de sacs like in Ancaster) it necessitates a car for everything, including getting to work, which negates any savings of "cheap greenfield housing". Which I seriously doubt exist.

The free market is not perfect, that's why we intervene, in numerous ways, through law including bylaws, securities regulation, environmental laws, etc. These are not a new development either, but have been around for years. Additionally we tinker with interest rates, government spending, and a million other things try and govern the free market in order to maximize the good for society as a whole. You won't convince me that we can throw it all away.

And even if I were on side, the barriers you're talking about would never be completely dissolved, not in our lifetime. It's futile talking about those circumstances. Individuals who rail so fully against the system are summarily ignored in many circles for that exact reason.

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