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By Robert_D (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2008 at 12:54:42

The subsidized housing being proposed is at 80% of market rent. This is not "welfare housing" by any stretch of the imagination. I believe it was called housing for the working poor, that is those who work full time on minimum wage and therefore cannot afford market rent.

Getting these people into housing, even subsidized, means that they have a chance to start building up a nest egg of their own so that eventually they can improve their circumstances, improve the community by purchasing things locally, and move up to regular housing eventually. All of these features help not only the downtown, but Hamilton in general.

As for centre mall I am disappointed. Hamilton continues to fail in creating and/or enforcing a cohesive plan for development within the city. Any update on that pakring lot where HMP used to be? I'm disgusted by the way Hamilton lets itself get pushed around out of desperation. We need to have standards, and not bend over for developers. They want to go somewhere else? Fine. There's only so much land within driving distance of Toronto. They'll be back.

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