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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted December 23, 2006 at 21:13:16

Jason: I was curious about your references to Bogota and what they've done. I don't mean to be dismissive out-of-hand, but with their population at around 8 million and the fact that they don't have to contend with up to six months of snow, don't you think that we should be comparing apples with apples? In regard to the former aspect, economies of scale play a huge role in getting things done, as I'm sure you're very cognizant. And one should never underestimate the effect that four full seasons can have on the practibility and overall effectiveness of any transport effort. Having lived in Brighton/Hove in the UK, where it's 'perpetual autumn', I can testify to this truth.

Ryan: Thanks for the additional invite, but I think that if you read the letter I CC'd to Jason and Adrian, you might understand why I'm skeptical as to my effectiveness as a contributor. Still...

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