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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted November 26, 2008 at 22:35:10

Seancb, it sounds as if you are saying the fault is with government policies rather than the business community.

Perhaps it would be better to let neighborhoods develop organically, rather than forcing development into a particular format.

If we assume that business owners have a vested interest in having attractive neighborhoods for their clients to visit, why not give them the freedom to build they way they feel is best.

Only if you assume that business owners are out to destroy neighborhoods, does setting rigid bylaws make any sense, to me at least.

Grassroots, I am attacking your ideas, I don't like your short sighted focus on the "worker". I think by dividing the world into worker vs business you are shooting yourself in the foot.

I have already stated that poor people need to drop the entitlement mindset and focus on offering the community something that they value, like business owners do.

Alternatively, you can at least limit the damage that you are causing yourself (and by that, I mean lower income people), by getting off the public trough. Make your focus to be independence from government assistance and you will begin to make headway. The less you rely on government for help, the more opportunities you will see in your life.

All government can offer is false promises and I think you already know this by now.

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