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By Frank (registered) | Posted November 25, 2008 at 08:30:29

A Smith wrote "Jason, what is worse to walk by, a vacant old building, or a vibrant, yet car centric big box development?

Even though big box stores are not the ideal, perhaps they are a first step."

I doubt it. Especially since, if you're walking by a bussling car centric big box development or trying to get to stores on opposite sites of the parking lot you're far more likely to get run over by the excited drivers looking for the closest possible parking spot to their favourite store. Mark2, the buildings surround the lot, they're not all along Barton. I suppose you'd limit pedestrians from using said stores?

An assinine, backwards facing, regressive development that can be seen as a shot in the head to the area surrounding it. As far as the sidewalks go, how does that change the street impact? How does it make a "neighbourhood" feel? It doesn't. All you see from Barton is an ugly butt of the building. Time to get rid of 'Stupid Centres'.

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