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By mark2 (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2008 at 17:38:02

The Barton Street stores all all easily accessible by pedestrians via Barton Street without having to drive, park, then walk across the parking lots as was erroneously described in this blog. Yes, the store fronts are on the north side of most of the buildings running along Barton, but they all have broad walkways running in front of the storefronts, as well as walkways along both sides of each building to connect to the public sidewalk on the north side of James Street. The design may not be the kind of streetwall we had expected, but it is not nearly as pedestrian unfriendly as is being suggested here. In fact, it is more pedestrian friendly than I had anticipated (and many posting here would care to admit)

Seems like a lot of premature confirmation of self-fulfilling prophecy taking place here...

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