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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2008 at 06:26:05

Wow, this is depressing. Even though I'm sure we all saw it coming, it's still sad. Damn - whether you blame the welfare state, lack thereof, general apathy or what have you, this is a glaring example of a lack of forethought.

Can't help but think that this development will attract more than just graffiti. It's already in a challenged part of town, and it looks like the interior parking lots will be insulated from the street by blank warehouse walls.

A. Smith, I'd say the preponderance of this type of building is due less to the burgeoning welfare state than simply the automobile itself. To me, in fact, this particular case provides an example where some more effective, less passive, civic government involvement would have been welcome. Zoning is one way development can be tailored to suit a wider civic vision. Another is simply the stamp of approval required by city hall for projects like these. In Surrey (my current, though temporary, stomping ground), for instance, city hall simply refuses to approve large-scale projects that are aesthetically repulsive, and that do not square with the larger neighborhood plan.

Centre Mall is one project, at least, that should have - and could have - been sent back to the drawing board when civic officials saw that big, blank wall facing a street in a struggling part of town that they're trying to improve.

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