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By jason (registered) | Posted November 21, 2008 at 22:25:41

corporations can still be greedy and yet build proper developments that fit in the neighbourhood. Of course big box stores offer even more money to their coffers. They are no more than big warehouses like you see at an airport slathered in stucco, unfinished inside and with no common areas to maintain for customer comfort like a mall or public parkette/plaza. So x corporation can make $11 billion in profit next year instead of a measly $9 billion had they built something in Canadian cities that will enhance neighbourhoods, respect citizens AND still make them a ton of cash. I don't fault anyone or any company for wanting to make money. Either way they're going to....why not show a slight bit of respect to the residents and neighbourhood in which they're building instead of building something that will be a blight on the landscape and even more so in the future when they close the place down and leave the mess for Hamilton taxpayers to deal with. Please be sure to come back to the message boards when that happens and tell us how wonderful it is for citizens and government to remove all guidelines and input and just allow companies to do what they want. That's a dangerous view of civic life to turn over the reigns to one entity with no accountability, rules, standards or public input. Welcome to communism.

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