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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted November 11, 2008 at 15:07:47

Thanks for the comments so far. It's important to note that industry is heavily regulated and monitored, and zoning generally protects people from living in the shadow of smokestacks.

Apart from those unfortunates in the steel mill shadow and near large intersections, Hamilton AQ is generally excellent, or would be if it weren't for these 3 sources that are entirely unregulated and do not bear a second thought from those who generate them.

Because these sources are highly localized, they do not register on AQI stations unless there is a temperature inversion (like the fireplace smoke on Christmas eve 2005) search december 2005 for hamilton west.

Try this: next time you are downwind of your neighbour's smoky fireplace, take a fleece jacket and leave it out for about 5 seconds. Then hang it up inside and see how many days it takes to lose that smell!

As for the noise issue, I will cover that in an upcoming article.

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