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By Asher (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2008 at 10:24:39

I'm saddened and embarrased to say that I have given up on my home city's politics. It seems no matter what happens, no matter who we vote for, the same crowd of self-serving, disinterested political clowns are elected.

Ever since the city's secret and hushed decision to tear down Gore Park twenty some odd years ago (I'm not good with dates) I've realized that our city will continue to do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want, and will continuously ignore the will of the people.

In many ways, however, the concrete is far more symbolic of the truth of Hamiltonian politics than the marble ever could be. Strangers who drive through and see a beautiful city hall with well-aged marble may mistake Hamilton for a city with decent politicians. Old, stained, hideously weathered concrete will present a much more realistic representation of the quality and political accumen of the individuals within.

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