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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2008 at 00:51:38

It's not just the air pollution caused by these things, but also the noise pollution. When we lived in New Westminster, BC, we would get woken up at least once a week a lot earlier than we wanted to by somebody conscientiously blowing leaves, dust, etc. for a good half-hour outside our apartment. What a pain! This is just a guess, but lawnmowers and leaf blowers probably have an adverse effect on urban/suburban songbird populations as well.

When it comes to mowing the lawn, I've found the manual mower to be a much more pleasant alternative (and hey, it's a bit of a workout too). Unless you're a senior citizen, nothing more is needed for an average-sized suburban lawn. As for leaves, rakes work wonders. Call me old-fashioned, but using these noisy, polluting machines is completely unnecessary 85% of the time. Any government looking for green policy initiatives might consider, in lieu of regulation, a hefty enviro tax on these things.

Thanks for the article, Ted!

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