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By doubting thomas (anonymous) | Posted October 30, 2008 at 02:34:14

After watching Obama's infomercial with Huckstorator supreme Clinton my BS radar is finely honed.

Donald Shoup is a tool manipulating very meager location-specific data and generalizing it not just across a city but across a city. He also fails to note that land saved from parking would not be green; It would be used for more construction further turning cities into canyons. Shoup also fails to realize that consumers will eschew downtowns for strip malls and that parking is the cost for doing business for both businesses and cities. I am NOT going to live in a city where parking is a hassle. Housing values will go down as people flee the city so businesses will have less sales and the city will lose tax revenue. Historically, people have had free parking. It is as American as Apple Pie and the Right to Bear Arms, which Im sure Shoup would go after next. Actually maybe Shoup DOES know ppl will flee cities for suburbs and he is paid by suburban developers to hasten the diaspora or paid by developers to free up more city land for development.

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