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By councilwatch (anonymous) | Posted October 18, 2008 at 21:47:14

I attended the official opening of the "new" City Hall as the guest of outgoing Alderman Sandy Murdoch although I believed then, and still do, that we should have utilized the "old"
City Hall as we have the old Library. During the pomp and cermony of that opening day our Marble Facade was much admired as providing an unique turn in Hamilton's architecture and when the marble slabs began loosening and when one, maybe two (?) actually fell and the naysayers began calling for removal of the marble, arguing that the cost overshadowed the retun on investment.The people of Hamilton let their voices be heard and argued that ROI cannot always be measured in dollars and so the marble remains. Now we have cement and limestone advocates prepared to fight it out in City chambers with no regard for history or culture. I believe that we once again should listen to the voices of the people and take it to a referendum and out of the realm of incompetent Council buffs.

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