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By frustrated commuter (anonymous) | Posted September 27, 2008 at 11:42:58

In any planning of the future rapid transit line route between McMaster University and Centennial Parkway, planners must ensure that the rapid transit line actually stops on campus. This is where people want to go and this is the reason why a rapid transit line to McMaster University is being proposed in the first place!

I thought this would be obvious, but it appears from the above discussions that the route would run along Main St only. If so, this is a mistake. Ideally, the rapid transit line should have a couple of stops throughout campus (to take people where they want to go). Also, have the line run through Westdale would be a good thing I would think... it's a destination people want to go to as well.

Building rapid transit lines along routes that are inconvenient to where people want to go is not the way to go. If they are built so that they take people to places they want to go to, then the rapid transit will be more greatly utilized and successful.

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