Comment 267

By David (anonymous) | Posted April 14, 2006 at 05:11:23

Mr. Simmons also appeared in the movie "End of Suburbia". The director commented that this guy is a serious authority in the business, and also that it was apparent that he truly believes there is something to worry about regarding Peak Oil. I think there are several factors contributing to a brick wall in the road ahead. High gas costs and high consumption floats much of the US debt, so there is no incentive to change anything. A few might toy with alternatives, but most still have to get to work and can't change much - and love their massive vehicles. And we have spent 100 years building the world to run on oil and moving far away from jobs - the problem is coming on way to fast to take another run at it, notwithstanding that there aren't any alternatives without serious lifestyle changes. But since this is really an economic crisis, the question will be how much economic health can be stolen by the coming supply problems before balance and elasticity give way to a serious collapse.

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