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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted September 21, 2008 at 04:21:46

I think McMaster would be greatly improved in many respects if its administration adopted a more business-like approach to the task of running a university. It would, indeed, be more student-centred, to say the least.

I've argued elsewhere ( that the current 10/proposed LRT route is largely the result of city/university politics - It simply doesn't make any business sense. The university has a higher student population than the city of Dundas, and should be looking at ways to serve that population better. The city should be concerned at the prospect of poor passenger revenue coming and reduced ridership from an LRT line that serves residents of the west end of the city poorly. The MSU should also get its priorities straight - I'm not sure it knows what it's actually doing at any given time.

As I argue above, there is economically virtually no reason why the 10 and LRT cannot simply run through Westdale and campus as before, only making less stops, thus serving the rest of the city more efficiently.

Don't worry, A. Smith, I'm not going to agree with you every time. There's no question here, however, that politics is unfortunately playing a very pronounced role in this debate.

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