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By no majority (anonymous) | Posted September 18, 2008 at 13:08:45

Ever heard the adage "Power Corrupts...."?
Majority governments, given the current choices for leadership, is a grave mistake.

None of the parties have shown either true leadership for the people of canada or a true willingness to work for the people rather than for their party.

Giving any of them a majority is amistake because they have proven again and again the same cycles of greed corruption and flagrant disregard for the trust they have been given.

Conservatives - Extreme Right Wing Politics and corporate Elitism
Liberals - Right Wing Tendencies, poor cohesion and old school corruption.
NDP - Wanna-Be Party who waters down every progressive notion in order to appeal to all yet fix nothing.
Green - Unstable balance, unproven to prone to flipping from extreme left policies to extreme right eceonomics and an unclear history to show what they could accomplish.
Bloc - A provincial power wearing Federal colours

NONE really want to work to accomplish anything something that is needed wether there is a majority or minority. If anything the minority shows just how disfunctional the system is and until they get their act together, none of them deserve power.
Governing is about running the country for all the people, not petty power plays, back room deals, and elitism on the public dime.

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